HHND Heating Jacket

HHND insulated heater jackets are 750W narrow, with higher-watt density for 205-litre steel, plastic or fibre drums.


Can be used for low volume usage of grease, lubrication oils, edible oils, honey, some creams, resins, and adhesives, and for crystallisation prevention.



  • 2-strap style drum heater jacket (Dimension: 1800-1950mm x 270mm high).
  • Narrower band to apply localised heat.
  • 750W with 0-90 °C adjustable thermostat (Heat rate of 3-5 °C per hour).
  • Cover – coated nylon/ Insulation – needled polyester.
  • IP54 Ingress Protection.
  • Supplied with 2-metre cable for 240VAC 10A supply (but no plug)
  • We also custom heating jackets to fit specific requirements, contact us for more information.

Contact us now for more information on drum heaters for your application. Be sure to check out our Case Studies for practical drum heating applications.



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