Welcome to a company dedicated to helping its customers find economical solutions to semi-bulk handling both in warehouse storage and logistics transportation situations.

Overall, our firm objective is to help you reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

  • We specialise in product packaging that folds or is demountable, saving bulk materials handling costs as well as reducing transport costs on return freight.
  • We offer our own product range as well as being allied with leading companies to offer the best possible advice on storage and logistic movements that we can.
  • Our products span the complexity of 1000 litre bag-in-box freight shipping, through to general transport logistics options up to 6m³.
  • With qualified engineers and industrial designers as part of our team we have the ability to design storage solutions for specific or unusual products requiring warehousing or bulk transportation.

Finally, our extensive knowledge and network of partners from around the globe allows us to source solutions to your needs, so if you do not see what you need on the pages of this website, please contact us anyway!

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