SBH Solutions products fall into three categories


‘Heating‘ highlights the various options available to our customers for efficient heating of a variety of container sizes from 20 litre drums up to 1500 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers, including grease pods, cylinders and flat surfaces.  We have a range of short wave infrared heaters available for efficient heating of large open areas, outdoor alfresco areas, as well as process heating.


Storage highlights the various types of options available to our customers for transport and storage of semi-bulk liquid or dry goods, whether this be for use within a factory, between factories, or for one-way export shipment. Through our partnership with CIMC we also offer a range of rigid stainless steel IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) / Totes for hazardous or offshore applications.


Ecocooling highlights the options available to our customers to reduce energy consumption for cooling open areas in factories or warehouses. Ecocooling solutions use natural processes like adiabatic cooling to reduce energy dependence and improve performance. Our solutions help lower maintenance costs as the performance and efficiency of cooling systems increases.

energy and resource efficiency