25, 50, 100L Drum Heaters

Heating jackets for smaller drums are available in a number of options to suit your heating requirements and are suitable for use with metal, plastic or fibre drums.


Suitable for 25 to 100L metal, plastic, or fibre drums.



  • The HJ series – Medium watt density heater jackets for heating drum contents up to 40-45°C, having a nylon inner and outer surface with a standard 0-90°C thermostat
  • The HH series – it has higher power for process heating 60-80°C. Jackets have nylon outer and glass cloth inner linings. Temperature is controlled using a standard 0-90°C thermostat.
  • The HP series – it has even higher wattage and thicker insulation for high-level process heating up to 100°C and has silicone glass cloth for inner and outer linings.
  • The HJW seriesFor weather resistance or outdoor use above the standard IP54, the HJW series have an ingress protection rating of IP56. This jacket has no thermostat but a built-in temperature limiter set at 50°C.
  • IP54 Ingress Protection for the HJ, HH, and HP series heater jackets.


Contact us now for more information on drum heaters for your application. Be sure to check out our Case Studies for practical drum heating applications.



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