EcoMesh is a unique mesh and water spray system that improves the performance of air-cooled chillers, dry coolers and refrigeration plant whilst reducing energy consumption by up to 44%.

Ecomesh® has been fitted to units worldwide where its patented water spray technology has helped companies to reduce their energy intensity without having to resort to significant capital expenditure.

What’s more, once fitted, it is virtually maintenance-free.


How EcoMESH Ecocooling System Works

EcoMESH is based around the proven ‘adiabatic’ principle that have been known for millennia.

The significant cooling achieved by water has been used throughout history to great effect. For millenia, wet hessian or cloth has been placed across windows on hot days to use breezes to cool, and in the second century a Chinese inventor called Ding Huan invented the rotating fan to create the first mechanical air conditioning.

The Romans were known to have circulated aqueduct water through the walls in some houses to cool them.

Medieval Persia had buildings with cisterns and used wind towers to cool the buildings during the hotter seasons. The cisterns were large open pools in the centre of courtyards and were used to collect rain water. The wind towers had windows to catch the wind and force it down over the cistern to cool the air.

For centuries water fountains have been used to make courtyards cooler to try an emulate the coolness felt near waterfalls.

All these examples show how water and moving air can change the environmental conditions on a hot day.

A practical way to demonstrate the adiabatic cooling process is to put water onto your face on a hot day and turn into the wind, your face immediately becomes cooler.

Why Should You Choose EcoMesh

1. Reduces Energy Cost

The installation of EcoMesh® can reduce electrical running costs by 30 – 40% on hot days, with average annual cost savings of 15-25%.

2. Safe & Miserly Water Use

Water consumption is minimised as the spray is intermittent and only activated when required, hence it consumes 79% less water than any other wet systems.

3. Quick Payback

A typical payback period from installation of an ecomesh® system is 21 weeks – around two cooling seasons.

4. Increased Reliability

EcoMesh® extends the life and reliability of your compressor by reducing the amount of work it needs to do, and by providing shade to the heat rejection coil and protection from snow and dust storms.

5. Extends Capacity

EcoMesh® extends the capacity of your existing air conditioning system by reducing the amount of work it needs to do. This can leave more headroom for coping with extreme temperature events and avoid downtime during heat waves. EcoMesh® is the most effective retrofit product available to prevent annoying head pressure trip-outs.

6. Low Maintenance

EcoMesh® protects the external parts of your air conditioning system and allows it to work less hard, all of which means less maintenance. When installed correctly to include an in-line water filter, the EcoMesh® itself is virtually maintenance-free, with no need for replacement nozzles or meshes. We recommend seasonal maintenance to clean the meshes and coils and drain water from the system.

Ecomesh® can be retrofitted to any make and size of air conditioning and refrigeration unit, (mini-split, air-cooled chiller, rooftop unit) without affecting the warranty. Unlike evaporative pads, there is negligible pressure drop, and so existing fans can continue to be used.

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