Dry Goods Folding IBC

Dry food and powders can be accommodated in intermediate bulk containers for storage and transport. Often a woven ‘Flexible IBC’ (FIBC) cannot provide the cleanliness, stacking stability or discharge options needed. In these cases, metal, plastic or cardboard options are available.

  • SBH Solutions offer Multibox Folding IBC for dry goods is available for purchase with a full-width side bottom door which allows easy tipping of powders and cereal-type products. It has a split lid so that there are no separate parts. Alternatively, a classic CB7 style is available in all-metal configuration.


  • Spacekraft solids cardboard IBC is a proven economical option means to store and transport produce such as beans, nuts and frozen vegetables. It provides a method of securing valuable machine parts, or bulk shipping plastic parts. Spacekraft solids requires the separate provision of a pallet of at least 1120 x 1120mm.


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