SBH Solutions has partnered with Australia’s leading misting experts, OZmist, to offer its premium misting product range as a cooling solution for industrial and commercial use. Combined with our many years of adiabatic cooling experience, OZmist’s flash evaporation cooling principle provides an excellent eco-friendly solution to cool your outdoor or large open indoor environment.

  • In flash evaporation, high-pressure water undergoes partial evaporation when introduced into a low-pressure environment through a special pump. The evaporation instantly absorbs heat from the environment, reducing the ambient temperature. OZmist’s high-pressure misting system uses filtered water, which provides safe cooling for patrons and staff in hospitality venues or manufacturing facilities. Smaller domestic systems are now available for larger residential and alfresco areas.
  • Low-pressure water injected into an airstream can also provide cooling. This can be at tap water pressure or in the form of pressure provided by a low-pressure pump. This lower-pressure option, while not as effective as a high-pressure system, can provide sufficient localised cooling to improve the ambience in a small area and requires less maintenance.
  • OZmist misting solutions, both high pressure and low-pressure systems, provide immediate cooling and no wet surfaces, thanks to the ultra-fine mist that instantly flash evaporates. OZmist misting systems are designed to be used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic applications.
  • These misting systems are supplied in kit form that can be easily installed using detailed installation guides.
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