Colonna Portable Stand

Colonna Stand is the perfect option to maximise the your heater’s flexibility.

This stand is in powder-coated aluminium with a steel base to give rigidity, finished in textured Cast Iron Grey. The power cable is fed through the column for a discreet look. The triangular base has a hole to allow the stand to be pegged into soft ground, or gazebo weights or sandbags can be added and attached to the stand itself.  With careful positioning away from foot traffic, the stand is safe to use on its own without weights.





  • 210cm tall and easy to lift.
  • Rec. mounting angle: 30 – 45° from horizontal.
  • Construction: Steel Base, Extruded Aluminium Column.
  • Colour: Cast Iron grey (RAL7015).
  • Power cord to be threaded inside stand at assembly prior to fitting plug.
  • The base plate has a hole for optional bolt/peg mounting to the floor.
  • Flat pack – requires assembly.

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