Heliosa Amber Series infrared heaters

Heliosa Amber Series short wave infrared heaters are designed to elevate outdoor space experiences with its inviting warmth and stylish design. Unlike other traditional infrared heaters, the Heliosa range of short wave infrared heater emits a warmer ‘feel’, and instant targeted warm. 


  • Suitable for heating outdoor areas in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels, and cellar doors.
  • Suitable for heating stylish home backyards, balconies, and patios.
  • Ideal for heating alfresco event venues.



  • The Amber Series short wave infrared heater is available in three models: Heliosa 11 (1500W), Heliosa 44 (2000W), and Heliosa 66 (2000W).
  • Equipped with patented parabolic reflectors, offering comfortable area coverage ranging from 10m² to 20m².
  • 7,000 hours long-life halogen lamps deliver a warm amber glow, reducing glare and enhancing ambience, thus creating a cosy atmosphere for outdoor settings.
  • Water-resistant IPx5 allows for exposed outdoor installation.
  • Can be controlled by an individual switch, proximity sensor, or button timer, or can be zoned with a controller.
  • Various mounting options, including wall, ceiling, stands, under canopies, and umbrellas, allowing for seamless integration into any outdoor space.

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