INTELIHEAT Heating Jacket for Hazardous areas

Intelliheat heating jackets for hazardous areas are an excellent option suitable for drums, IBCs, and gas cylinders.


  • Ideal for gentle warming to reduce viscosity and prevent winter freezing, or for a faster heating process to reach higher temperatures.
  • Suitable for various containers such as 205L drums, IBCs, vessels, pipes, valves, surfaces, cylinders, equipment, etc.



  • IECEx and ATEX certified for zones 1 and 2 (hazardous gas and dust areas).
  • Features a chemically resistant silicone-coated glass cloth exterior and high-density fibreglass insulation that effectively minimizes heat loss.
  • Offers self-limiting or thermostatic control in an explosion-proof housing.
  • Easy to use with flexible construction.
  • Fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick-release buckles.
  • Custom heater jackets are available for non-standard containers.
  • Ingress Protection IP54.
  • Two options to suit different requirements:
  • Inteliheat heating jacket – T3 Equipped with a 0-85°C adjustable thermostat.
    Inteliheat heating jacket – T4 No thermostat required. Maintains a certain temperature above ambient. However, a 0-50°C thermostat can be added during manufacturing to limit maximum temperature.

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