We are exhibiting! Visit us at the AFAC22 Exhibition in Adelaide on 23-26 August 2022

Trade Shows have finally restarted following Covid and SBH Solutions / Infrared Australia has welcomed the chance to showcase its efficient heating products once again.  First stop last month was the Queensland Mining Exhibition (QME22) in Mackay where both insulated heater jackets for drums and grease pods were shown in conjunction (Click Here To Read 205-litre Drums Heating Jacket Selection Guide 2022) with Heliosa and Titan short wave infrared spot heaters.  There was real interest in the efficiency opportunities for heating at the region’s coal mines and a little surprisingly from individuals wanting Heliosa 66’s for their outdoor areas – perhaps Queensland isn’t as warm all year round as we are led to believe!


In August the focus changes to the AFAC22 Exhibition in Adelaide. AFAC is Australasia’s largest emergency management conference and exhibition and SBH Solutions / Infrared Australia will present various options for space heating of station spaces, assembly and emergency camps, as well and the Hyperthermsave heating system as used in Europe to save lives during the so called ‘Golden Hour’ following crashes or entrapment.


September will then see Infrared Australia branding at the No Vacancy exhibition 2022 at the ICC in Sydney where we will continue to showcase the extraordinary potential of Heliosa short wave heating for the hotel and hospitality sector, a key target area crying out for efficient outdoor heating comfort for patrons in these times of squeezed margins and higher than ever heating bills.


For more information, click here to find out about our infrared heating solutions and assess the full list of case studies.