Titan infrared heaters

Titan SP short-wave infrared heaters are an excellent solution to warm-up areas while reducing energy consumption.


Suitable for otherwise ‘impossible to heat’ open spaces, such as warehouses, workstations, etc,.



  • 2000W ‘gold’ halogen lamp heater supplied in a single, double horizontal/double vertical and triple vertical configuration.
  • Instant (within 1 second) to full power means no pre-heating of area or room is required.
  • The Helios Titan SP Short-wave Infrared Heater range is specifically designed for localised heating otherwise ‘impossible to heat’ commercial and industrial areas.
  • Working height: 2.7 m to 4.5m dependent on whether single, double or triple.
  • Ingress protection to IP25 – can be exposed to wet in the outdoors.
  • Can be mounted on the wall using supplied mounting brackets or vertically using chains.
  • Titan short wave infrared heaters come with their protective grill and each lamp has a 1.5m cable.
  • Can be used on its own or with controllers, timers or Proximity switches (PIR).
Titan 2kW infrared heater 2kW single infrared heater warms up to 20m².
Titan 4kW infrared heater 4kW double infrared heater (which can be configured either horizontally or vertically) warms up to 35m².
Titan 6kW infrared heater 6kW Triple infrared heater with vertical configuration warms up to 36m².


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