Schoeller Allibert’s ComboLife folding liquid Intermediate Bulk Container (or ‘Pallecon’) is recognised as the premier container of its kind.  It is German manufactured in UV stabilised High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP) to provide the most long-lasting IBC in the world.  If you need batch production storage or have controlled end-to-end logistics then the ComboLife will reduce your transport and production costs.

  • ComboLife is designed for liquid batch storage and transport up to 1400kg (max. 1000 litre).
  • ComboLife is manufactured in UV stabilised food grade HDPP and will last for more than ten years with reasonable care and some examples are still going strong after 20 years of continuous use.
  • ComboLife is easy to clean and can be fully disassembled for repair.
  • ComboLife 285DD (bottom discharge and drop door version) has a TARE weight of 88.5kg and can stack 2 high in transit or up to 5 high in static storage when full. Fold down ratio is 2.5:1.
  • ComboLife 285DD is stocked in Australia – all other versions are available from factory with an MOQ of 50 units.


  • Can be used with a variety of liquid bulk liners (Click HERE for more information).
  • Discharge clamp accessory required if it does not come with liner.
  • For viscous product, bag winder/mangle options are available.

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