SBH Solutions offers European-quality Multibox cubic folding containers for Dry goods. It is a traditional folding Pallecon style Intermediate Bulk Container (IBCs) offering strength, durability and customisation to meet exact customer requirements.

  1. MultiBox folding container is designed to be customisable at the time of manufacture to suit handling, feature and identification requirements.
  2. MultiBox is manufactured using a hot dipped galvanised steel frame and 5mm HDPE panels for maximum strength and durability and can carry up to 1500kg.
  3. Can be manufactured with a variety of options including below-floor-level discharge point and full-length sight glass. All parts are attached including the two-piece lid.
  4. MultiBox can be fully easily disassembled for cleaning and repair.
  5. MultiBox has a TARE weight of around 147kg (option dependent) and can stack 2 high in transit or up to 5 high in static storage when full. Fold down ratio is 3:1.
  6. MultiBox is tested to the internationally recognised ISTA 7C standard for reusable IBC.
  7. MultiBox is available only in MOQ of 120 (= 1 x 40’ container).

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