SpaceKraft Liquid IBC

International Paper’s SpaceKraft Cardboard IBCs are the premier option for corrugated folding Intermediate Bulk Container for industry use.

  • Available for single-trip or multi-trip applications.
  • Spacekraft has the widest range of models to cater for up to 1450kg loads, and there is a model to fit into Refrigerated containers (Reefers).
  • Folding containers can be stacked up to two high in transport and up to four high in static storage.
  • Spacekraft can withstand up to 17 tons of compression strength when used with appropriately rated pallet and strapping, due to a seamless construction and the technical Kraft paper manufactured from wood grown in International Paper’s own sustainable forests.
  • Supplied with Voyager® form fit liners for easy fill (either Polyethylene / Nylon for standard use or EVOH for barrier applications), or supply your own aseptically treated liner bags.
  • Spacekraft has been tested for all modes of transport including rail and sea.
  • Spacekraft cardboard containers makes shipping and storing goods like wine, fruit juices, edible oils, inks, and adhesives among others simple and economical, particularly for batch export.

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*not all models available in Australia.


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