Tripod Stand

The Tripod Series has 2 models available to suit different industrial and commercial area needs, or perhaps a garage and shed.





Tripod 2
  • Universal telescopic stand.
  • Adjustable height 107 to 200cm.
  • Heater bracket secured by M8 bolt with screw top.
  • Weighted round steel base.
  • Flat pack – assembly required.
  • Price does not include the heater.
Tripod 3 mobile stand
  • Vertically adjustable model with telescopic stand.
  • Adjustable height 114 to 180cm.
  • 4 castor wheels, two with pedal brakes.
  • Heater bracket secured by M8 bolt.
  • Flat packed – requires assembly.
  • Price does not include heater.

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