PATIOmist Fan

Ozmist Patiomist misting fans provide instant and efficient cooling without high-pressure pumps to create a fine mist. Patiomist instead uses a low-pressure pump and a high-speed spinning disc to make a fine mist that instantly cools your surroundings.

  • Available in pedestal and wall-mounted models.
  • Spinning disk and diffuser drip guard.
  • Both models have 3-speed oscillating fans.
  • Powder-coated guard with 3-blade 650mm diameter fan
  • Over 9 metres of air/mist stream range.
  • Adjustable mist control.
  • Pedestal model has a 70-litre tank for up to 14 hours of operation
  • Wall-mounted model has a 26-litre tank [requires tap water connection].
  • Parts come in 3 boxes for easy self-assembly. 

Contact us HERE and access the full list of case studies HERE for more information on our Eco-cooling solutions.


Useful Links

i PatioMist Outdoor Cooling Fan Brochure

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