Performance Improvements to Insulated Heating Jackets for Drums and IBCs

LMK Thermosafe is always striving to improve the efficiency of its insulated heater jackets for drums and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). They do this without charging their customers. In 2016, LMK Thermosafe has taken another step in differentiating its products from those of its competitors in two ways:


Fully Tested Ingress Protection Rating.

While other manufacturers may claim some degree of ingress protection, LMK Thermosafe has always steered clear of excessive claims, particularly when it comes to liquid ingress protection

Following extensive product development and testing, we can now confirm that standard insulated heater jackets in the range are now all IP44 rated, that is protected against objects more than 1mm in size and against water spray from all sides. The new Weatherheat® seam sealing technology also introduces the first IP56-rated insulated heater jacket that is virtually dustproof and able to withstand high-pressure hosing or heavy seas.


Power increases to some standard heating jackets.

LMK Thermosafe relentlessly developing its products to maintain the world leader in the drum heating industry. The commitment to innovation and improvement is evident in its latest updates to its insulated heater jackets. They have worked hard to give customers more wattage – that is power to heat. For example, the standard HHD 205-litre drum heater jacket has increased by 10% to 1100w with the additional benefit that it now the jacket has 850mm height to cover the entire drum.

1100W HHD heating jacket

1100W HHD Drum Heating Jacket

The advancements don’t stop there. The IBC heater jackets have also undergone significant upgrades. The IBC1, specifically designed to keep products warm during the winter months, has received a substantial 7.5% power boost, now operating at 1400w. This enhancement ensures that even in the coldest temperatures, products remain at the optimal temperature.

For those requiring even higher temperatures, the IBC2 is the perfect solution. With a staggering 27% increase in power, it now operates at an impressive 2800w. This enhanced capability allows for precise heating, ensuring products reach temperatures between 60 and 70°C with ease.

IBC heating jacket

IBC1&2 Heating Jackets

LMK Thermosafe hasn’t forgotten about the most challenging heating requirements either. The IBC3, designed for the most hard-to-heat products, has received a remarkable 26% power increase, now operating at an astonishing 3990w. This level of power guarantees that even the most difficult-to-heat substances can be brought to the desired temperature efficiently and effectively.

With these latest advancements, LMK Thermosafe industrial heating solutions remain the go-to choice for industries worldwide, ensuring optimal product temperature control and peace of mind.

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