Weatherproof Heating Jackets a first for LMK Thermosafe

LMK Thermosafe’s new WeatherHeat® seam sealing technology is the latest exciting advancement in the development of the flexible insulated heater jacket. Using a bespoke process on a custom made machine, LMK Thermosafe has created the first IP56 rated heater jacket for use in wet areas and outdoors. There is no need for a PVC cover to protect the heater jacket or to keep it in a covered area away from moisture. The proprietary WeatherHeat® specification upgrades the standard heater jacket materials and construction by sealing the seams and by having a water sealing electrical gland and factory fixed single point thermostat.

The WeatherHeat® technology can be applied to all sizes and wattages of containers within the ‘HJ’ and ‘Hi-Heat ranges currently supplied by LMK Thermosafe, and also to any custom sizes and can be used on steel, fibreboard or plastic drums without impacting heating performance. The only control difference lies in the fixed point thermostat rather than a variable capillary thermostat. Available with factory pre-set thermostats of 50°C, 70°C and 90°C. In general, the jackets manufactured to WeatherHeat® specification are good for product temperatures up to 60ºC (thermostat dependent).