We have carried out comparisons of the cost of buying and running natural gas or LPG heaters verses short wave infrared heaters.  We found that short wave infrared heaters such as our Heliosa or Titan series are very cost effective and should be considered both in hospitality and industrial sectors.  Follow this link to our table which shows the comparison in figures.  We have used costs for Adelaide, South Australia.  But we will be separately publishing comparison figures for all States and Territories in Australia.  The article Comparison of Cost of Gas Heating verses Short Wave Infrared steps through the argument as to why short wave infrared is most cost effective than other forms of outdoor and open space heating.

Short wave infrared heaters effectively heat outdoor hospitality area

Halogen short wave infrared is the most efficient method of providing comfort heating to a closed in outdoor room.


Outdoor diners kept comfortable with short wave infrared heaters

Short wave infrared heaters mounted on umbrellas give localised comfort at restaurant tables

Short wave infrared heater under awning heating dining area outside

Heliosa 66 has a wide reflector which comfortably heats outdoor dining areas