ATEX heating application: using radiant heaters in panel production

EHSAFE ATEX-certified heaters are used to dry panels at VitraGroup.

VitraGroup was in search of a new heating solution to replace their existing heating methods which used gas heaters. The drying process emits volatile fumes, and the gas flames were a risk at the workplace. The gas heaters constantly needed cylinder replacements twice or thrice a week, which increased downtime in the production. The replacement heater also needed to heat the panel surface to 60°C for the drying process.



SBH Solutions had the ideal solution for this situation. The EHSAFE ATEX-certified radiant heaters were offered as a replacement for the gas heaters. The ESHSAFE heaters are sealed and are IP66 rated, which was essential for the work environment at VitraGroup. The heater uses a 2,000W bulb to reach working temperatures almost instantly. After a trial with an EHSAFE heater, VitraGroup was satisfied with the solution and ordered 3 more heaters.


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