How Hi-Heat and Hi-power blankets outperform other standard industrial heating blankets and band heaters


Industrial heating has always been challenging because of the amount of variables that need to be taken into account. Energy efficient, reliable, and sometimes specialised solutions are often required. For drums, many heating options, heating jackets or other wrap around solutions can fall short in meeting an end user’s expectations. This is where LMK Thermosafe’s extensive range of ‘Hi-Heat’ and ‘Hi-Power’ insulated heater jackets come into their own, offering superior and more tailored heating solutions that address these shortcomings. This article will explore how these advanced drum heaters tackle common problems and set the standard in industrial heating efficiency.


How do Hi-Heat and Hi-Power heater blankets help in production?

Efficient heating in industrial settings is becoming more important as energy costs increase and companies seek to minimise their carbon footprint. Often end users are finding that a “brute force” heating solution using high watts density products does in fact not result in faster heating, instead much of the heat produced can end up warming the surrounding environment or can damage the product in the immediate vicinity of the heat source.

Global industry leader, LMK Thermosafe has developed the widest range of insulated heater jackets to suit industry heating needs taking into account end user budget and requirements such as longevity and reliability. This is why it is the most trusted brand on the market for all forms of manufacturing and mining.

    • Hi-Heat range of heater jackets: Fast heat solution for Medium Viscosity Challenges

Hi-Heat jackets are LMK Thermosafe’s standard level solution. These are used for products up to a medium viscosity.  Common products such as honey, resins and most greases fall into this category.

    • Hi-Power range heating jackets: Higher-Temperature Stability in Demanding Environments

Hi-Power jackets are LMK Thermosafe’s higher level solution. These are used for products of higher viscosity, or where faster heating rates are required. They also have chemically resistant outer fabrics, useful where product spillage is a problem. Common products would be waxes, thicker gear greases, some surfactants and elastomers.

Why choose LMK Themosafe Hi-Heat and Hi Power heater jacket?

LMK Thermosafe prides itself on providing the best products available on the market.  The company has continuously invested in bespoke production equipment to improve quality and only uses high grade, reliable components.

    • Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

When comparing with other products which externally might look very similar, an end user needs to consider that it is what is “under the bonnet” that makes the difference.

Hi-Heat specification uses stitch-bonded fibreglass insulation and Hi-Power specification uses very high-density stitch-bonded fibreglass insulation.This type of insulation is flexible yet energy efficient compared to competitor products which often use needled felt polyester padded insulation which is not as effective.

    • Longevity

LMK Thermosafe heater jackets are designed to outlast the competition. It is for this reason that Hi-Heat and Hi-Power heater jackets use capillary thermostats rather than the ‘K’ type thermocouple used by most competitors. It is also why a reliable impact resistant temperature dial and thermostat housing are used as standard. Digital thermostats are available but only via a high-quality thermistor controller. These solutions provide accuracy, a higher level of Ingress Protection (IP54) and ensure the heater jackets last longer.

In addition, Hi-Heat specification combines an easily cleanable coated industrial nylon outer surface with a heat resistant glass cloth inner surface to give good wear heat and wear resistance.  The Hi-Power specification includes a specially formulated high-temperature chemically resistant silicone-coated glass cloth on both inner and outer surfaces to enhance product life in demanding environments.

Both specifications include a 5-metre stainless steel braided armoured power cord which is double insulated.  This industry leading power cord is extremely difficult to damage and provides added peace of mind.

    • Versatility and Customisation

The versatility of the Hi-Heat and Hi-Power specifications means that LMK Thermosafe can also offer custom jackets to suit a wide variety of non-standard tanks and drums.

Design and manufacture of industrial heater blankets to suit most needs and applications is a speciality.

    • Longevity and Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in Hi-Heat and Hi-Power heater jackets proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Their durable construction and consistent performance reduce the need for frequent replacements, a common issue with traditional jackets and heater bands. This longevity, combined with maintained efficiency, ensures continued operational cost savings, making them a financially sound choice.



The Hi-Heat and Hi-Power heater jackets offer proven solutions to common industrial heating challenges, providing rapid heat-up, high-temperature stability, energy efficiency and longevity.

To experience the difference that Hi-Heat and Hi-Power heater jackets can make in your industrial processes, visit our website for more information or email [email protected] .  Our experts will be happy to help you find the best solution for your project.