Space Heating: Tips to Keep Your Employees Warm Efficiently


As electricity bills continue to rise one of the challenges for business is how to contain costs while keeping the workplace and employees comfortable. During winter this is a hard problem to solve, but now it will be easier than ever if you decide to use short-wave infrared ‘spot heating’!


Unlike all other forms of space heating, short-wave infrared mostly heats by radiating off surfaces, including humans. The radiant efficiency of the delivery of heat by short-wave infrared is exceptional at 92%! The advantage to business managers and owners using short-wave infrared heating is that this means:


1. You don’t need to heat the whole factory or workshop – just the individual workstations! No wasted energy heating the roof space before you heat the work area due to heat rising.


2. The cost of running each heater is low compared to the area effectively heated – one 2kW/h heating element can cater for up to 20㎡


3. You only switch on the short-wave infrared heater when there is someone present at the workstation, and because the heating is INSTANT, no pre-heating is required. Employee starts at 6am; heating turns on at 6am; employee happy immediately.


Additionally, short-wave infrared makes heating a cleaner and more sustainable alternative compared to traditional gas heating, which can negatively impact the environment and human health. Short-wave infrared is the most effective electric heating available and if you have solar panels can be operated relatively free (although heating as a rule draws a lot of current). More and more companies are replacing their heaters with short-wave infrared as part of their energy and emission reduction commitment.

3 Titan infrared space heaters use in a manufacuring warehouse.


If you’re interested in exploring short-wave infrared heating for your business, contact us today about how you can benefit by keeping your employees comfortable and productive while supporting our community to tackle climate change.


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