Short wave infrared Case Study – Residential Outdoor Area

Casually walking down an aisle at the Home Ideas Centre in Adelaide, Peter A. was suddenly struck by the power of the Heliosa 66 short wave infrared heater.  Set on a proximity sensor, the effect was instantaneous.  Peter decided that this was the type of heating that he was looking for to provide warmth to his new outdoor area. The advantages were clear to the engineer: 1). no need to pre-heat the area would save him money. 2). because it was electric, no dangerous exhaust fumes when his cafe blinds were down.  He could quickly see where he could mount just one 2000w unit to warm an entire outdoor setting.

As a man of action, Peter immediately called SBH Solutions and traveled to their warehouse for a further demonstration.  He decided that the Heliosa 44 was right for him because its reflector gives heat directly below the heater.  He bought one straight away!  Now, quickly installed by his electrician who found it light and easy to handle, Peter could not be happier with his decision.

Star Progetti Heliosa short wave infrared heaters are available in three models for use in residential environments.  SBH Solutions is happy to give advice on which model or combination of models will provide the right warm ambience.  The heaters can be installed by any electrician, or if bought with a stand, can simply be plugged into the nearest socket.  A 2000w short wave Heliosa heater can cover the same area as a higher consumption medium or far infrared heater.  So there is generally no need to upgrade household circuits to take the load.