Magnum Optimum

Magnum Optimum 975 pallet box is the largest and strongest foldable large container (FLC) in the existing market, specially designed for semi-bulk storage or bulk handling and transportation. Featuring a robust structure for greater load and optimum use of space, Magnum Optimum’s design saves space in the blended state (up to 30% compared to some other FLCs) while allowing for 10% greater unfolded internal volume than normally available for this size of containers.

  • Non-sequential folding, increases ease of use and handling.
  • Smooth interior and exterior walls reduce contamination.
  • Easy skid repair system means less downtime.
  • Two large fold-down doors – one on the short and the other on the long.
  • Option to increase height by 105mm with Optiframe® maximise capacity.
  • Returnable plastic packaging solutions – designed with full recyclability in mind.
  • High folding ratio helps to reduce the cost of reverse logistics.
Footprint: 1200mm x 1000mm x 975(h)mm [1000(h)mm with lid]
Internals: 1140mm x 940mm x 790(h)mm
Folds to: 295(h)mm [345(h)mm with lid] = 3⅓ : 1 ratio
Capacity: 850 litres / 750kg,                                              960 litres / 750kg when with Optiframe®
Weight: 51kg (no lid); 56kg [with lid]
Stacking: 2 high in transit / 4 high in storage / 8 folded [7 with lid] in pallet space.
Construction: All plastic virgin Polypropylene (PP) and Polyoxymethylene (POM)

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