Hotels Managers: Having trouble keeping your air conditioners functioning during summer?

It’s the nightmare you didn’t need … 38°C outside and customers gagging for a cold drink, yet the air conditioning system is really struggling. This is not the cool oasis your customers are seeking, and they’ll be off somewhere else as soon as they can down their drinks.




If this is in any way something you worry about, then it is worth considering what you can do about relieving the stress on your air conditioning system. You don’t want a refrigeration mechanic camped on-site (and neither does he want this) nursing your system through the heat. While it may be that the age of the unit, its maintenance, or its size verses the area it is intended for play a part in the equation, but more often than not it is the sheer heat load on the compressor that is at fault. It’s just too hot for air to be cooled across the coil sufficiently to bring chilled water down to design temperature.


The simplest solution is to provide relief to the compressor by reducing the temperature of the air on-coil, and the simplest and cheapest way to do this is to spray water. Yes, you can go down to your local hardware shop to buy a sprinkler hose and set up on the air intake; or you can buy a hose and stand there hosing the coil down. It might do the trick in the short-term and it’ll give your refrigeration mechanic a heart attack as he hates the idea of any water, let alone unfiltered water, going on the coil.


There is another solution, and that’s what we offer. EcoMESH® adiabatic system takes the worry out of water. EcoMESH® is a mesh that is retrofitted to the chiller air intake and has a smart controller that senses temperature and intermittently sprays water at the mesh so that the air passing through is cooled by evaporation off the mesh. The hotter the day, the more water is sprayed, the shorter the intervals. Simple as that. If the machine becomes stressed, the controller senses this and immediately switches to its maximum spray cycle.




EcoMESH® takes the worry out of air conditioning in most circumstances. It sits on the roof until its needed, and other than that does not impede the performance of the unit, and in fact can help lengthen its life. While not its primary function, EcoMESH® also reduces energy consumption which at peak load can be 25% more than at other times.