infrared outdoor heaters light spectrum

Types of infrared used in outdoor heaters

There is a lot of confusion with the word “infrared” when it comes to outdoor heaters.  Many companies claim to have infrared heaters, but did you know that there are 3 types – long wave (or far infrared), medium wave, and short wave (or near infrared).  All have their uses but we believe that short wave infrared easily provides the most cost effective and largest comfort area of any in the outdoors, whether this be electric or gas.  This is because short wave travels through the air to radiate off objects while medium and far infrared have less radiant efficiency and are affected by air movement.  It comes down to what you want – far infrared has no light so is unobtrusive, while short wave has the most, but at least you feel warmer!  Short wave infrared is the greener option for outdoor areas and you’ll also feel the benefit in your pocket because a relatively low energy use gives you the largest area heated.

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