Kuhlmann Drum Base Heater Added to product range

Our standard DigiHeat drum base heater is a sophisticated piece of kit that is very well regarded by those who purchase it for use with 205 litre drums or with a variety of drum sizes, both plastic and metal.  Its added advantage is that it can be used with the Thermosafe Induction heater in safe areas, rather than the more expensive IP66 rated Faratherm Induction base plate.

However, we have found that its price point is too far away from the standard and energy inefficient cast iron drum base heaters that are traditionally used.  These are often on legs above the ground and blast out 2000w +.  In answering the calls of our customers we searched for and found a base heater that sits price-wise in between the cast iron units and the DigiHeat – a unit that fits with our aim to offer energy efficient alternatives where we can.

The Kuhlmann drum base heater sits on the ground but has an insulation pad preventing the dissipation of heat produced into the ground.  Like the Digi-Heat it produces low wattage to achieve effective heating due to lower waste.  The silicone pad underneath its metal surface radiates upwards, controlled by a reliable capillary thermostat.   For more information, please call or email.  SBHSI Kuhlmann Drum Base Heater Product Info v2013