Beat The Scorching Summer Heat! It’s Time To Get Outdoor Cooling Solutions For Your Venue.

Undoubtedly, we love our Aussie summers, and dining alfresco is a big draw card to bring customers to many hospitality venues.  However, scorching weather conditions can have a massive impact on a venue’s ability to maximise the revenue opportunity. Imagine the huge loss if the footprint of the outdoor area contributes 30-40% of sales yet cannot be used due to heat. It is always challenging to cool alfresco areas economically and effectively for guests to enjoy outdoor dining, so what is the solution?


1. Select High-Pressure Line Misting System or High-Pressure Misting Fan for Cooling.


If you have an alfresco dining area burning up your profits during scorching weather, you probably need to consider a high-pressure misting system such as OZ mist static misting kit and misting fan for cooling temperatures down in the area. These misting systems or fans can generate as strong a cooling power as air-conditioners on extremely hot days (even over 38℃).  High-pressure misting works if designed properly and placed at the correct height as the droplets are instantly ‘flash’ absorbed into the drier air so avoiding the damn feeling that can be the effect of low-pressure misting systems.


2. Benefits of High-Pressure Misting System


Compared to low-pressure and mid-pressure cooling systems, a high-pressure misting system is powered by a 1000 PSI pump unit that releases an ultra-fine water mist through tiny spray nozzles. The finer mist atomises and can instantly reduce temperatures in the immediate area by as much as 8°C –9°C without getting any surfaces or patrons wet; the only thing they feel is a pleasant cooling sensation. When combined with a fan the mist can be pushed into a wider area.  The cooler air outside may also decrease the work rate of the indoor air conditioning system caused by opening doors and in this way reduce overall energy usage.

A high-pressure misting system is a low energy and water user, offering an economic to run system to maintain comfort in the outdoors.


3. What else to Look for in a High-Pressure Misting System?


Key to achieving the effectiveness of high pressure misting is to customise the system design to fit your alfresco area. Too often misting systems are set up incorrectly and too low, or are undersized to the area. To make sure your guests are always happy and feel comfortable and that there are no complaints of dampness and spoilt head styles, quality components should be used to achieve top cooling performance.


SBH Solutions – Expert in industrial and commercial cooling solutions


SBH Solutions is partnered with Australia’s leading misting experts, OZmist, to offer commercial and domestic misting systems that cool surroundings instantly.  Together we can design, supply and in some cases fit high-pressure systems that will meet expectations and because we use only quality parts you can be assured of the longevity and reliability of your system.


If you have any questions about cooling solutions, please call 08 7122 1114 or email [email protected] to our expert team. Now is the perfect time to be thinking about an outdoor cooling system for your outdoor venue! Contact us today!