Revolutionising grease maintenance: SBH Solutions and LMK Thermosafe’s innovative heater jacket


Manufacturing heater jackets for so-called greasetainers or grease pods has been a successful area of growth for SBH Solutions in the last two years. Traditionally we have stayed clear of containers that the jackets cannot fully enclose, but the new design takes us away from this.


With grease, it is all about keeping the temperature high enough to enable the pumps to do their job. As such totally surrounding the container has not been necessary as long as enough power is applied. The insulated nature of the jackets means that what heat is produced goes into the contents of the greasetainer and gets away from the use of potentially unsafe external or ad-hoc methods of heating.


Check Case Study – We’ve got “GreaseTainers” Covered to learn more about how we have helped miners improve the reliability of grease pumping in winter.