Euromixers IBC Agitator Added to the Product Range

There are times where our IBC heater jackets take longer to penetrate the product being heated than a customer would like.  In these circumstances, particularly with medium viscosity products, an agitator / mixer can assist greatly in reducing the time to reach temperature.

We have teamed up with experts Euromixers to offer their unique IBC agitator technology especially designed to be mounted to the top of a bottle-in-cage IBC, either on a frame, or for less viscous product just needing stirring, direct screwed into the 150mm top filling point.  A Euromixers IBC agitator can be lifted into position or forklifted into position.  Impeller selection is dependent upon the viscosity of the product, but includes a folding impeller.  Power can be supplied by single phase, three phase or compressed air.

Should you believe that an IBC Agitator / Mixer can assist with your process, please make sure you call for more details.  IBC MIXERS SBH Solutions