Combating corrosion and heating in coastal area’s outdoor space: The Broadway Hotel’s beer garden infrared heating case study

Broadway Hotel in South Glenelg, SA


The Broadway Hotel has been a popular destination in South Glenelg for locals and tourists alike, thanks to its secluded beer garden that offers a relaxing atmosphere where patrons can enjoy delicious food and drinks with friends and family. However, the hotel has faced challenges keeping its guests warm during the cooler months. Situated within half a kilometre of the beach front, the Hotel can be subject to icy blasts of salty sea air which has a corrosive effect on any equipment.


Traditionally a user of gas bottle heaters, a combination of difficulty of use (always running out at the wrong time), damage to garden structures and furniture (guests positioned heaters too close), and the need for more floor space led Manager Mark Falconer to look for alternatives.  After seeing Heliosa 66 at the Adelaide Home Centre he was easily convinced about the benefits of short-wave infrared heating.  However, standard lamps do not mix well with salty air meaning that this open heater was not suitable.


The solution was in the Infrared Australia range with the Helios Seaside Stainless Steel heater able to project the kind of heat Mark was looking for while protecting the lamp and polished reflector from the elements thanks to a Schott heat resistant safety glass front.  A few years later now and the heaters are still providing great ambience to Broadway’s outdoor guests.


The Best Heating Solution for Coastal Weather – Helios Seaside Infrared Heater


To keep alfresco areas such as beer gardens and courtyards warm and comfy while combating the effects of sea corrosion, the Helios Seaside infrared heater is the perfect option for hospitality and beach house. Our Helios Seaside heater is specially designed for areas with corrosion problems. The stylish look blends with stainless steel casing and a Schott Robax® safety glass front to reduce rusting or corrosion caused by the weather.


Helios Seaside infrared heater’s application in coastal area’s outdoor space


Helios Seaside is a high-intensity heater that uses short-wave infrared which has 92% radiant efficiency. This means that, unlike with other types of heaters, guests and patrons feel warm even in breezy conditions as the heat doesn’t drift away with the airflow, instead radiating heat off solid objects such as people and furniture surfaces.


An image about different type of infrared heating


Results – Helios Seaside Infrared Heater Keeps The Beer Garden Warm Whenever It’s Needed


The Broadway Hotel and its Helios Seaside Infrared Heaters is an example of a heating application in an area with corrosion problems. With Helios Seaside heaters, businesses close to the beach can maximize their outdoor seating during the colder months and heat up their profits. As many hospitality venues and beach houses in coastal areas face similar challenges, the Seaside Infrared Heater from Infrared Australia is becoming an essential solution to maximise the use of outdoor spaces.


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