Titan Safety Glass Infrared Heating Solution for Auto Service Area

Rob K, franchise owner at Bridgestone Select Magill understands the importance of looking after his people. This is not just from a feel good perspective, but more so from a practical hard business perspective. He knows that when it gets cold, productivity in his Auto Service area suffers – staff spend time trying to keep warm when the workshop roller doors are raised. In the past, expensive bar fires and gas blowers have been used ineffectively as workshop heating. He was keen to find out if a Titan Safety Glass short-wave infrared heater mounted on a wall could do better. He has found out that it can – just one 2000W heater costing $0.70c per hour (using $0.35c p/kWhr) is enough to take the edge of the cold draughty workshop.  Mechanic Alan is happy – he can now stand still working on a cold morning without freezing to the spot!  Because the heat is instant, with a 92% radiant efficiency, there is no need to pre-heat with doors down.  Short-wave infrared heaters are an outdoor heating solution that keeps everybody happy and productive.


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