At this time of year we like to present some of our products that we feel will be of interest to customers.  We are excited about the Heliosa short wave infrared heating – truly efficient heating that gives over 92% radiant efficiency which when combined with patented parabolic reflectors gives world beating heating areas for the wattage used.  Short wave infrared heating (compared to medium wave quartz heating) is instantaneous and therefore most closely meets the intent of the National Construction Code’s Section J on Energy Efficiency.  Heliosa short wave infrared heaters have a Certification of Comformance to Australian Standards and can be used in residential alfresco outdoor environments.  The amber light gives a warm ambience to the light emitted rather than the red glow of traditional infrared heaters.

For our industrial process heaters 2018 brings the introduction of an option for digital thermostat control of the insulated heater jackets.  This option is available for custom orders where a customer wants a precise temperature measurement. 

View the document by following the link: What’s New in Heating at SBH Solutions 2018