HPD heaters are designed to operate in harsh environments. This jacket has a fibreglass outer layer for chemical resistance and reinforced webbing on the base for handling floor abrasion. IP54 Ingress Protection.


    • For 200 litre drum (diameter of 573 – 621 mm).
    • Highest watt density for heating drum contents up to 80 deg C for HPD1 and up to 120 deg C for HPD2.
    • Applications: Melting solids, grease, lubrication oils, urethanes, waxes.
    • 3 strap style, 1800-1950 mm x 850 mm high (covers entire drum height).
    • HPD1: 1300 W with 0-90 deg thermostat (heat rate of 6-8 deg per hour).

HPD2: 2060 W with 2 x 0-160 deg thermostats (heat rate of 6-8 deg per hour).

  • Cover – silicon rubber-coated glass cloth (chemically resistant).
  • Insulation – stitched fibreglass (6 mm min).
  • Additional reinforced base to protect fabric in contact with the floor.
  • Supplied with 5-metre armoured cable for 240VAC 10A supply (but no plug).

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