SBH Solutions has been providing mining maintenance teams with heating solutions for over 15 years.  Whether it is a drum, intermediate bulk container, greasetainer or standalone tank, it has the largest range of efficient and reliable options of insulated heating jackets available in Australia.  Often used for warming grease or in water treatment, we can design and custom make something to suit if the container or tank is non-standard.

Our heaters can be left unattended and include weatherproof IP56 and IP66 options, while the standard offering is IP54.  We even have a range of hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 IECEx certified heaters.

Complimenting these products is a range of unique short wave infrared heaters which provide INSTANT radiant spot heating to a variety of applications from isolated workstations in otherwise impossible to heat areas, to valves and outdoor recreation areas.  There is virtually no heating of air – think of the sun coming out from behind a cloud on a winter’s day where you feel the warmth immediately while surrounding air remains cold.  One 2kW heater can warm up to an incredible 20m2. There are versions for use in dusty areas, hazardous areas, and even a package called Hypothermsave designed for emergency rescue to prevent hypothermia.

Most recently a new patented technology GrafHeat has been introduced.  This features extremely flexible Graphene as the electrical conductor sandwiched within polymer composites.  Graphene is a product with a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) where electrical resistance increases with temperature.  This makes for extremely safe heating because a design can be manufactured with an appropriate PTC making the heater inherently self-limiting.  “We are still learning about how this technology can be used in the field” says Nigel Smalls, Managing Director of SBH Solutions. “It is one of these exciting technologies where the possible uses are still being framed and we welcome any enquiries or ideas”.  To date GrafHeat is being supplied embedded into heater jackets used to wrap cables or pipes of various diameters where flexibility of size is needed and overlapping of heating elements cannot be avoided.  It is also being used embedded between metal plates as a pallet heater.  GrafHeat can deliver between 200W and 1000W to suit the temperature required and will not burn out when it is overlapped.